How To Preserve Tomatoes for the Freezer

On Sunday evening we looked at our yields for growing in a hydroponic system vs a greenhouse open border. With the results now in, we have a simple, quick and wonderful way to create some tomato sauces for the freezer that you can chuck in a pan from frozen this winter. Start with a large deep baking tray and slice up your tomatoes, small and large, chuck them in the tray and drizzle with oil and balsamic vinegar. The balsamic vinegar makes them lovely and sticky, think unctuous, think mouth watering, think an ad from a once popular retailer famous for knickers.


Add salt and pepper, more pepper than salt and then add your herbs. We love oregano and thyme but you can use basil or any other herb your little taste buds adore. 

Tomatoes and oregano

Then roast in an oven at 160 celsius until the tomatoes colour, on a fan oven that takes around 15 minutes but if you're a little nervous just keep checking them and as soon as they colour and start to collapse them pull out because they'll carry on cooking even when cooling down.


Then place a plastic bag in a large jug, like a bin bag in a bin, so you can scoop all the lovely tomato goodness into the bag. The jug is a nifty tip as it prevents all the sauce from going all over your counter. Remember that this sauce will reduce more when you come to cook it again so add water when to the pan when you take it from the freezer. Just remember to cook it through until it has completed thawed and cooked before adding to cooking meat. This simple sauce is great with pasta and cheese grated over it or in a bolognese. You don't have to grow your own to make this sauce, you can look in your fridge for those tomatoes past their best, don't chuck them, sauce them!

Tomato sauces

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