Meet the Oldham's

High on the Saddleworth hills, the Oldham family (Andrew, Carol and D) have created an inspiring kitchen garden which provides a wealth of rich flavours for the kitchen and larder. Their make do and mend attitude was born out of three years of recreating a Dig For Victory garden on their 1/4 acre plot. You can always get in touch with Andrew and Carol via social media or by emailing them at The Oldham's have been blogging, growing great crops and cooking great food here since 2011. They have also written about their garden and kitchen in:

Andrew, Carol and D have also won awards for blogging about their experiences from plot to plate.  

If you want to follow The Oldham's on social media and interact with them on a day to day basis you can follow them on twitter, subscribe to their films on You Tube or their images on Instagram. You can also hear their lives in the villages around Pig Row and follow their board on Pinterest.

Life on Pig Row is written by Carol and Andrew Oldham with content from D. Carol also writes the award winning Dormouse and the Teapot (Winner of Vintage Blog 2012). 

The Walled Nursery and Fleetneedles' Forage have produced content for these pages, and are still provided here by agreement with these providers. 

The photos above originally appeared in Sainsbury's Magazine, September 2014 and are reproduced on this blog with kind courtesy of the photographer, Alun Callender.

Life on Pig Row is part of Andrew Oldham Publishing. All content is copyrighted to Life on Pig Row and any reviews or paid content is disclosed.

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